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Remote Car Starters - Pittsburgh

Drone Mobile From Compustar
Add the ablility to start your car from your smartphone for an additional $179

That Stereo Shop in Pittsburgh sells and installs quality remote car starters. We install remote car starter systems from Compustar. Our installations provide a lifetime installation warranty. We install remote starters in the cars that other stores don't. Call us to get a price on a system for you car, don't go into winter without a remote starter for your car. Call us today for a price for a remote starter in your car 412-761-7977!


The Slice by Compustar

Kind of looks like it's made by Apple, it features 4000 feet of range and 2 way l.e.d. confirmation. Starting at 329.99 Installed.

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Our top selling remote starter just got cheaper! This makes for the ideal remote start add-on solution if you have a large factory key fob. Features include range of up to 800 feet, lock, unlock and remote start. This is one of the smallest remotes on the market! See additional pictures to compare for yourself.


$129+tax Installed


600R Remotes 

If you have been searching for an OEM look and feel remote, this is it! The intuitive design and value-added features make this one of our most popular remotes. Range is up to 1000 feet. Basic features include a lifetime system warranty, 1 year remote warranty, keyless entry, trunk release, remote start, auxiliary outputs and much much more.


$199+tax Installed



Other Recommended Models: Refer to for the latest remotes

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